I'M NEW, SO...

It's so nice to know what to expect in a situation. When it comes to church, this is doubly true. This page is provided in order to make you more comfortable during your first visit and beyond. 

Below is some information we thought you might like to know before visiting us. Topics include: "Service Times", "What We Believe", and a very informative "What to Expect" section, with specific answers to your questions! 
If you have additional questions, please feel free to send us an email at bereanbh@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you right away!



Morning Worship*______ 9:30 AM
(Meets in Auditorium)
Small Groups*________ 11:00 AM
(Nursery, Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior, Teen, College & Career, and Adult)
*Nursery and Children's Church are provided


Evening Study*_______ 6:00 PM
(Meets in Auditorium. Followed by food and fellowship at Common Grounds)
Youth Group __________ 7:30 PM
(Meets in Teen Room)



Youth Group __________ 6:00 PM
(Meets at Common Grounds)
Prayer & Bible Time*___ 7:00 PM
(Meets at Common Grounds)



How should I dress?

We want you to feel comfortable. We are thrilled that you’re joining us and we want you to be more focused on Who you’re worshiping than what you’re wearing. In the summertime, it’s not uncommon to see people wearing sandals, shorts, and a t-shirt. Most people dress casual though a few still prefer to put on their “Sunday best,” and that’s fine too! We think you’ll fit in no matter how you dress.

I have hearing and/or visual problems. Is there any special assistance?

Yes! For those who are hearing impaired, we have special hearing devices that you can wear that will allow you to control the volume. If you think this would be beneficial to you,  pick one up in the entryway of the auditorium (you can also ask one of our Greeters).

What are the services like?

On Sunday mornings, we generally start off with a time of singing and meditation on Scripture, followed by a message from the Bible. Sunday evenings are more interactive, with many people answering questions, and it's led by the Pastor. On Wednesday evenings, we again have a highly-interactive atmosphere, but this time we meet at Common Grounds. We then usually divide into small groups for intimate prayer before our God. We really focus on a safe, close community at Berean: sharing prayer requests (both spiritual and physical), not being afraid to speak up in our Bible times, and treating others the way we want to be treated, ourselves. 

Who can I talk to about getting involved?

We love when Christians act like Christ! Serving is what Christ modeled for us while here on earth. Thank you for your interest! If you have a specific ministry in mind that you'd like to get involved in, or if you would like Berean to pray about starting a new one - definitely let the church staff know! Our pastors and deacons always pray about each new opportunity, as it arises, and we love it when you want to get involved!

Where do my kids go?

Berean may be different than some other churches, in that we try not to replace the "grown up" services with "age-appropriate" services, since the goal is to train up the youth into adulthood. Below are some examples of where your children will go when at Berean.
NURSERY: We provide nursery for 2-year-olds on down. Any of the church members will be able to direct you to the Nursery, and there are signs up, as well!
CHURCH: We let the other children and youth stay in with the rest of the church family during Morning Services. However, we provide Children's Church for those younger children who have trouble sitting through the service. Children are dismissed for Children's Church from the Auditorium after singing. 
YOUTH: Youth Group meets after church service on Sunday nights and before church service on Wednesday nights, but always attend the main church services.
If you have any questions or special requests, please call 618-585-4544 or email us at bereanbh@gmail.com.

Will there be coffee?

Of course! Every Sunday morning, all are welcome to the coffee bar set up in either the Adult Small Group or the College & Career Small Group. We also serve a local, specialty coffee at Common Grounds!